Our Best Discoveries from CES 2024

Update: January 16, 2024. Here is our shorter, 4 minute Best of #CES video where you’ll find many new products to make your life safer, healthier, easier (and dare I say cooler!) Enjoy, comment and please share!

OK, so we had every intention of blogging each day from the CES show floor, but there was simply too much to see and take in! I mean, where else can you go and see, immediately as you arrive on the show floor, a drone soccer game, a dog washing machine, fingernail printer, smart helmet, smart bird feeder, smart binocular, fall detectors and smart toilets – all simply by looking around 360 degrees? I come so excited for CES each year and the moment I hit the show floor it becomes nearly impossible to focus on one direction simply because everything is so cool! (and my attention deficit disorder doesn’t help.)

With that excuse out of the way, and staying with our theme of finding products that make you life safer, healthier, easier and cooler, here are the best discoveries from the last few days. And don’t forget, click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the finished video of CES 2024 when we complete our “Best of Show” in a few days.

CES Products to make your life safer:

Cherish Health Serenity is a multi-person, multi-room health and safety monitoring device for people living alone or with risks at home. Based on a phased-array radar technology from the space race, Serenity uses AI to immediately start tracking people’s body position and activity and detect falls across multiple rooms, including through walls. Since it connects through built in cellular, it is truly a “set-it-and-forget-it” solution to keep an eye on loved ones. Having researched many, many (all?) fall detectors in my career, I can say that Serenity is on the right path. Available exclusively through Alarm.com service providers later this year.

Livall introduced the “World’s first smart and safe cycling helmet”. Not sure they can claim that title as I’ve seen (and used others) yet these are designed for all types of riders on all types of moving vehicles from bikes to scooters to skis. Anything to keep people’s brains safe. Take it from someone who (foolishly) fell off a scooter while wearing sandals and no helmet to realize you need a helmet. And why not a smart helmet?

CES Products to make your life healthier:

mosslab Moss Air humidifier and terrarium: Worried about breathing bad air at home? Why not get your own moss-powered humidifier? According to Mosslab, you can enjoy a moss-filled purifying oasis at home while you hydrate and revitalize your environment. If you really need to know, moss is Hoary Fringe-moss. Its scientific name is Racomitrium canescens (Hedw.) Brid. Learn more on their Indiegogo page.

Wellcam: Speaking of Alarm.com, Wellcam is state-of-the-art smart security camera, two-way communications device, activity sensor and more. Wellcam is installed in your loved one’s home, but it’s also integrated with your own home’s security system and smartphone app. Wellcam makes it easier to stay connected to your loved one, and extends many of your home’s smart security and health safeguards to their house. A winner of 2020 New Product of the Year award, Wellcam has been installed in my own father’s home since then (helping us keep him safe and connected) and now part of Alarm.com’s burgeoning Personal Safety + Awareness solution, along with Cherish Serenity. Watch this space for more on health-focused PS+A.

CES Products to make your life easier and cooler

XReal Air2 Ultra spatial video glasses. While Apple is getting ready to launch Apple Vision Pro on Feb 2, 2024, XReal has been shipping AR glasses for nearly three years. Their new Air2 Ultra is lighter, brighter and cooler. Take a look through the glasses yourself:

Swarovski Optik AX Visio smart binoculars take looking at things through glasses and adds powerful AI to the mix. Now you simply look through the binoculars at an object like an animal or bird, and the AX Visio will identify what you are looking at right over the image you are seeing. In addition, the binocs can also create photos or videos, show your observations to the person next to you with a “Share discoveries” function or share adventure with several people using a “Live View” function. Pretty amazing and cool! (but you’ll need to fork out a cool $5000+ for the joy. Maybe Apple will add something similar to Vision Pro?

Snap 4 Lux, by Ohsnap is a super thin, MagSafe compatible smartphone grip. If you are someone like me who doesn’t use a case on their iPhone (and dropped it recently), the Snap 4 is probably perfect for you. It’s thinner than your camera bumps so you won’t snag it on your pockets and it’s magnetic so you can mount it to most metal surfaces. Slide it open with one hand for a comfortable grip or lock it in place for a kickstand. Snap 4 is MagSafe® compatible with wireless charge-through, so you don’t have to remove it to charge. We picked up a few and will do a review soon. Oh, yeah, their marketing video is pretty good – passing the wife test who watched it all the way through. Give it a look yourself:

That’s about it for today, going to find more CES 2024 discoveries. Let me know what you want me to look for in the comments below!

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