Apple Vision Pro for Business

Apple Vision Pro for Business?

Is Apple Vision Pro for business users? AVP shows promise for spatial training, call center operations, multi-screen ergonomics, and better remote engagement. But will it be widely adopted?

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Apple Vision Pro: Marketing Failure or Smash Hit?

Apple struggles to market their novel products, as seen with the Newton and iPad. Their marketing excels when they focus on their strengths, yet the new Apple Vision Pro’s success is uncertain, potentially targeting a niche market without solving a significant problem.

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CES 2024: Gadgets to Make Your Life Safer, Healthier, Easier, and Cooler

CES 2024 highlighted groundbreaking tech ranging from innovative EVs to health and safety devices, and smart products for ease and entertainment. Attendees saw electric-powered skis, smart home devices using Wi-Fi motion sensing, radar-based fall detectors, and AI-powered smart appliances. The event affirmed the tech industry’s potential for futuristic advancements in daily living and personal wellbeing.

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CES 2024 Briefing: Sunday

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) kicks off on January 7, 2024, with exclusive press events “CES Unveiled” and “PEPCOM”. These events allow early insight into new products and tech trends, providing an equal platform for all exhibitors. What will we discover?

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How Generational AI Will Revolutionize Smart Homes

Discover how generational AI is set to revolutionize smart homes, offering personalized smart assistants, predictive maintenance, energy efficiency, enhanced security, and streamlined home automation, ultimately providing homeowners with a new era of convenience, security, and connected living.

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