Be Sure.

If you are looking to make sure you and your family is safe, turn to the professionals. Your loved ones’ safety is everything so don’t sacrifice anything.

Safety and Security Stories:

Wires that Think: From Calculators to AI

As a child, I dreamed of being an astronaut, inspired by space exploration and my early fascination with technology, ignited by my dad bringing home an HP-35 calculator from RCA. This journey led me to embrace AI as a transformative tool, amplifying our capabilities and opening new possibilities.

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AI is My Partner, Not My Replacement

As a seasoned security professional, I’ve witnessed incredible technology evolution in our field. Now, the buzz is all about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential impact.

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Is Your Smart Home Really Smart? 5 Key Features to Look For

How do you know if your smarthome is truly smart? See if yours stacks up to these five key features: automated temperature controls, temporary user codes, automated outdoor lighting, open door/window reminders, and package delivery alerts. Does your smarthome use AI to enhance security and convenience, ensuring better living?

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Apple Vision Pro for Business?

Is Apple Vision Pro for business users? AVP shows promise for spatial training, call center operations, multi-screen ergonomics, and better remote engagement. But will it be widely adopted?

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Protect Your Home from Water Damage the Easy Way

Returning from vacation, we discovered a water leak causing more than $12,000 in damage.’s Water Dragon, an easy-to-install ultrasonic leak detection device, now offers a smart solution to prevent such costly disasters.

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Live Safe. Be Sure.

They think differently at For more than 20 years, they’ve been pioneering smarter solutions that deliver total protection for millions of homes, businesses, and families – including their own (and mine!) 


What Customers Say

Does everything I want - security, home automation, etc. One alarm (false so far) and the response has been very quick AND professional. Cost is only slightly higher than lesser systems and the service and upgrades have been very good.
Jim Green
After an attempted break in, we were left feeling uneasy in our home. A friend recommended as their app is very user friendly. It’s been a year and I’m so happy with this service. We feel much safer knowing we can access our system and be alerted anytime.
Becca Jones
I installed in my new home and it is very good. Reasonable installation and monthly fee is fair. I had used another security company in my other home and paid four times the monthly fee. Would recommend them highly!
Jamie Carter
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