Be Sure.

If you are looking to make sure you and your family is safe, turn to the professionals. Your loved ones’ safety is everything so don’t sacrifice anything.

Safety and Security Stories:

How Generational AI Will Revolutionize Smart Homes

Discover how generational AI is set to revolutionize smart homes, offering personalized smart assistants, predictive maintenance, energy efficiency, enhanced security, and streamlined home automation, ultimately providing homeowners with a new era of convenience, security, and connected living.

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Generative AI meets Spatial Computing

Get ready to have your mind blown! With the groundbreaking Apple Vision Pro, spatial computing has finally arrived, merging our physical world with mesmerizing digital content. Imagine controlling your entire home just by looking at it or embarking on virtual vacations without leaving your couch. The possibilities are endless as spatial computing takes us on a thrilling journey into a world where the real and virtual seamlessly blend together. Buckle up and embrace the future of technology!

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Live Safe. Be Sure.

They think differently at For more than 20 years, they’ve been pioneering smarter solutions that deliver total protection for millions of homes, businesses, and families – including their own (and mine!) 


What Customers Say

Does everything I want - security, home automation, etc. One alarm (false so far) and the response has been very quick AND professional. Cost is only slightly higher than lesser systems and the service and upgrades have been very good.
Jim Green
After an attempted break in, we were left feeling uneasy in our home. A friend recommended as their app is very user friendly. It’s been a year and I’m so happy with this service. We feel much safer knowing we can access our system and be alerted anytime.
Becca Jones
I installed in my new home and it is very good. Reasonable installation and monthly fee is fair. I had used another security company in my other home and paid four times the monthly fee. Would recommend them highly!
Jamie Carter
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