CES 2024: Gadgets to Make Your Life Safer, Healthier, Easier, and Cooler

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is renowned as the world’s largest technology exhibition, featuring a plethora of innovative gadgets and cutting-edge technologies. The recently concluded CES 2024 showcased a diverse array of products, ranging from crazy electric vehicles (EVs) to health-centric devices and smart solutions to make life easier. Below is a short, 10 minute video that summarizes the best products to improve your life which we encourage you to watch. If you don’t have time, below are some of the key highlights from this annual tech extravaganza.

The Best of CES 2024 Video on YouTube

CES 2024 Products Summary

Crazy EVs
CES 2024 was abuzz with excitement, particularly in the electric vehicle (EV) space. Big brands like Kia and Honda, alongside surprising entrants like Sony and Bollinger, unveiled prototypes that left attendees in awe. From futuristic flying car designs to unexpected players in the market, the EV showcase at CES lived up to its reputation as a hub for groundbreaking automotive innovations.

Amazing Screens
The exhibition floor was dominated by an array of screens, showcasing the evolution of display technology. Attendees witnessed everything from rollable screens to wireless TVs that stick to walls with built in powered suction cups. The display tech included transparent TVs, mini LEDs, micro LEDs, transparent micro LEDs, and even fireplace screens, creating a visual spectacle that left a lasting impression. And of course the world’s two largest screens – one on the outside and one on the inside of the Las Vegas Sphere were spectacles themselves.

Products to Make Your Life Safer

In the quest for enhancing safety through technology, CES 2024 featured intriguing products. French company Safee launched a smartphone accessory for personal safety, triggering a piercing alarm and SOS when needed. Aqara introduced a Matter and Thread powered touchscreen smart lock with fingerprint control while Lockly went one better and showed a device that uses facial recognition to unlock your home. Cammie showcased an AI-powered high chair capable of detecting signs of children choking and we saw a smart cane for visually impaired children. There was even a next generation AR hologram used to beam people to meetings or family events.

Gunshot Detection

Shooter Detection Systems presented advancements in gunshot detection, emphasizing rapid communication with first responders through their partnership with Noonlight, another Alarm.com company.

Products to Make Your Life Healthier

The health tech segment at CES included a dedicated pavilion showcasing products designed to improve seniors’ well-being at home, including Wellcam, the first camera designed to keep an eye on family who don’t live with you. Other noteworthy innovations included Withings’ Beam-o, a multifunctional health device, and not one but two Magic Mirrors to detect health signals wirelessly. Oura’s sleep tracking ring, wearable AI for pets, and an innovative health wearable by Ringconn were among the health-centric highlights.

Radar Fall Detection
Cherish Health’s Serenity, a radar-based fall detector, was a standout in the health tech arena. This unobtrusive device, placed in the corner of a home, monitors body positions without the need for wearables or cameras, providing seniors with enhanced confidence in independent living.

Products to Make Your Life Easier

In the realm of convenience, CES unveiled products designed to simplify daily life. From 3D printers that can produce custom wearables, to GE’s combination washer-dryer, smart binoculars with AI recognition, and a circular smart controller for multiple smart devices were showcased. We saw the Macrowave, combining a microwave, air fryer, oven, and pizza oven in one space-saving appliance. Samsung’s rolling robot Ballee, Unistellar and Celestron’s smart telescopes, and Govee’s AI-powered smartlights rounded out our finds.

Wi-Fi Motion Sensing
nami, a company leveraging Wi-Fi signals for motion sensing, showcased how this technology simplifies smart home control. Using wireless waves, Nami partnered with Origin Wireless to process data with AI, offering a non-intrusive sensing solution that works across multiple floors and zones in a smart home.

Products to Make Your Life Cooler (or just plain crazy)

The coolest and craziest products on display included a machine for instant ice cream, xReal’s latest generation AR glasses, and SKWheel’s electric-powered skis (be careful, these things go up to fifty miles per hour, so get one of these smart helmets while you’re at it.) Other notable mentions were a haptic feedback device for “feeling” a football game and innovative foldable tech like the Origami Mouse and Xeo Pod entertainment capsule. Mudra Band, offering gesture control for Apple devices, and various robot battles added a touch of excitement to the CES experience.

CES 2024 demonstrated that the future is brimming with technological marvels. From advancements in EVs and stunning display technologies to products focused on safety, health, and convenience, the exhibition showcased the incredible potential of the tech industry. As we wrap up CES 2024, we eagerly anticipate what groundbreaking innovations the next year holds in store.

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