Protect Your Home from Water Damage the Easy Way

Another true and unfortunate story. We came home from a long vacation this summer only to discover that a small yet steady water leak lead to more than $12,000 in damages to our home. Water-related repairs are the leading type of insurance claims, so ours wasn’t an isolated incident. While it’s important to have a water leak detection system in place, most leak detection systems require expensive plumbers and/or multiple detectors yet are often unreliable.

What we all need is a solution that can detect leaks anywhere in our homes and then alert us so we can quickly remedy the situation. Or, if we’re out of town, at least let us know something is wrong so we can ask friends or neighbors to help. Never again should anyone worry about coming home to an unexpected indoor swimming pool. Thankfully, such a solution now exists! Introducing’s Water Dragon

Introducing's Water Dragon

Seamless Installation, Zero Plumber Required

Water Dragon is a water leak detection device that uses ultrasonic technology to monitor water flow throughout your entire home’s pipe system. It is calibrated based on the size and type of pipe it is attached to and learns your patterns of water usage. Water Dragon can then detect unusual water flow (low, medium and high), including hard-to-spot slow leaks. It can monitor pipe temperature and alert you to potential frozen pipes, preventing catastrophic water damage due to burst pipes. If that wasn’t enough, Water Dragon heralds a new era with its streamlined user installation process, a mere 10-minute affair eliminating any need for a plumber. By affixing clips to the main water line pipe and securing them with simple zip ties, now anyone can fortify their home against potential water damage.

Intelligent Water Monitoring

Water Dragon transcends the boundaries of a mere leak detector. It’s an intelligent guardian of your residence, meticulously learning your water consumption patterns. Through this acquired knowledge, the system proactively signals deviations, providing real-time alerts to thwart potential water-related catastrophes. As an added benefit, you can finally monitor daily, weekly, and monthly whole-home water usage trends in the app to better conserve water and save on utility bills.

The Technology Behind Water Dragon

This isn’t just a gadget; Water Dragon is a technological marvel tailored for the smart home era. Water Dragon’s integration of cutting-edge ultrasonic signal technology transforms it into a vigilant sentry, perpetually scanning for anomalies within your water infrastructure. The result? Water Dragon seamlessly integrates into your smarthome ecosystem providing timely notifications so homeowners can intervene before a situation escalates. Its affordability, coupled with the elimination of the need for professional installation, positions Water Dragon as the best solution for preemptive water damage mitigation.

Our recent wet encounter with an undetected water leak served as a reminder for adopting our new intelligent guardian. So say goodbye to unforeseen water damage and embrace the future of whole home protection. Water Dragon: where cutting-edge technology meets peace of mind.

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