Our Top Finds at CES Unveiled

Update: January 16, 2024. Here is our short, 4 minute Best of #CES video where you’ll find many new products to make your life safer, healthier, easier (and dare I say cooler!) Enjoy, comment and please share!

CES Unveiled 2024 was a launchpad for hundreds of new products from more than 180 companies.  We did our best in the few hours we had to seek out new products at CES that can make your life safer, healthier, easier or just plain cooler.  Here were eight products that stuck out for us.

Products that make your life…


Shooter Detection Systems, or SDS, an Alarm.com company, announced a set of integrations with Noonlight (another Alarm.com company) to expedite the signals coming from their industry leading gunshot detection solution. This solution can help save lives in businesses, schools and stores and are using CES to get the word out on their #TakeAction campaign to help the people who visit those buildings stay safer. Hate that we live in a world where we need products like these, but happy products like these exist in our world.

nami launched new smarthome devices that connect via Thread and Wi-Fi, introducing a Matter border router hidden in a smart switch, a safety button and a “WiDAR” (Wi-Fi + Radar) presence sensor that can track sleep and more. This makes it easier to connect devices in a home of any size, while creating a monitoring solution out of all these devices. Nami showed their ecosystem of partners including Origin Wireless and Alarm.com who use these and other devices to track activity, and improve everyone’s personal safety + awareness.


Withings Beam-o is a next generation health sensing device. Last year Withings introduced the first home urinalysis lab at home, U-Scan (which still hasn’t shipped). This year, Withings took their excellent Thermo and added a slew of new features, launching a new product called Beam-o. This one device does four things: it takes your body temperature, takes an ECG, measures blood oxygen levels and is a digital stethescope that can listen to your heart and lungs while on a telemedicine call. Beam-o launches “by Christmas 2024” for $249.

Invoxia launched the Minitailz Health and GPS tracker, a “smartwatch for dogs” that uses LTE-M to track location and includes other sensors to monitor your pet’s heart health, position, activity, appetite, and behavior. We’ve seen pet GPS trackers and pet activity trackers, but none seem to do all the things your smartwatch do for you. No word on battery life, yet it launches soon for $99.


Ecoflow Delta Pro Ultra home power backup system just got bigger. Thanks to battery density improvements, new “electric generators” are showing up on job sites, in RVs, and since that they can be stacked together, used for extended power outages where gas may not even be available for traditional generators. People are starting to realize the days of big, noisy, smelly gas powered generators are on their way out. This $4599 system has a capacity of 6kWh, 7200W output, and 5.6kW solar input, so a single unit can run an entire home. When paired with the new EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 (also launched today), it can also provide uninterrupted power backup with automatic switch-over, and energy consumption monitoring. Some customers will shift their power use by charging these batteries at off-peak hours then run their households off these packs during peak time, reducing their energy bills. 

GE Profile UltraFast Combo washer & dryer was on display. OK, I’ve always wondered why we all use one washer and one dryer when they are the same size and sit right next to each other. In the spirit of making your life easier, here comes a single $2899 combo unit that washes and drys in the same device! Where has this been all our lives – no more moving cold, wet clothing over to the dryer or leaving the washer door open so the stale water doesn’t smell musty. Seriously, what am I missing here, and how soon can we all reclaim some space in our laundry rooms? I’m asking for my wife a friend.


Coldsnap Ice Cream Maker. When we said “cooler” we meant neat and unique, but this really is cooler. Think of Coldsnap as the Keurig of soft serve ice cream. Under the category of “do I really need this?” these are shelf stable pods that do not require refrigeration, yet freeze and dispense ice cream directly into your bowl or cone in less than two minutes. Coldsnap made a big deal about recycling the pods, and eliminating any need to clean the maker (unlike your traditional home ice cream maker) yet no word on price for maker or pods. Maybe I should just get my ice cream the old fashioned way – at Ben and Jerry’s – while keeping an eye on my cholesterol. That said, good to see a company based in Billerica, Massachusetts at CES.

SKWheel Electric Skis Really, these are electric skis you use on land, which travel up to 50 miles per hour! Sounds like glorified inline skates to me (yet much, much faster), but I’ll leave that to you to try. If you are interested, the Kickstarter (might be a pun) is open for $1750. Clearly not for everyone.

So what are you excited about for #CES2024? We’ll search out new products after attending CES Pepcom tonight.

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