iPhone Martial Law

After doing some stock analysis after yesterday’s post I found this gem from TheStreet.com.  The analysis ends with what I’ve been saying here for weeks – Apple isn’t doing themselves or anyone else any favors with their strategy.  And I agree that their strategy of a locked phone platform is doomed to failure. 

The same power Apple wields better than anyone – getting its users to spread the gospel – is now working against it in the case of Apple vs the iPhone users (aka “Hackers”) who want to merely do what they want on their non-subsidized phones.  Let them.

Apple, here’s a freebie: Support the team of folks using Installer.app by adding it to your next 1.1.2 patch and hosting the community sources yourself.  Then you can control what ends up on the iPhone, maybe help make some money and become a good citizen of the iUniverse you created.  It’s all within your power too.  Be your best.


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  1. I’m glad I came across this site. I just read thestreet.com article mentioned here and agree whole-heartedly. I wonder if Steve Jobs walks around Apple HQ in his under-roos… jumping from desk to desk. I don’t think he lives on earth anymore… or someone put something in his coffee.

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