What is Podcasting?

cheerful diverse women sitting at desk with microphones during interview

Ever want to share your thoughts with the world? Well, that’s just what podcasting can let you do in just a few minutes. Grab a good microphone, or just use the one in your phone or computer, and start talking.  Using a free service, simply upload your recording, maybe attach some background music, and distribute your ideas to the world literally in seconds. I decided to give podcasting a try because it’s fast, authentic, and anyone can do it.

Oh, yeah, why is it called podcasting?  Well, if you are old enough to remember when the first Apple iPod came on the scene, suddenly people were carrying all their music in their pocket, so it became possible to create and distribute your own broadcast directly to people’s iPods via iTunes.  Hence iPod + Broadcasting = Podcasting.

You can easily subscribe to podcasts via Apple Music, NPR, Google, Spotify and more! Or start creating your own podcasts using a service like Anchor by Spotify. Below is my own podcast, called the Skytech Minute. I try to explain a concept, unrehearsed and unedited, in one take, in about a minute.

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