What are Apple Airtags?

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Well actually it’s called Apple AirTag (not AirTags) and they are cool new battery-powered, Bluetooth and UltraWide Band devices you attach to an important item. Now, if you ever misplace that item, you can track it down via the FindMy app on your iPhone. As you approach the AirTag, the FindMy app can make the AirTag beep and present a virtual arrow on the phone screen that points you to the item so you can find it quickly. Even cooler, if you lose that important item, you can use FindMy to ping the AirTag anywhere in the world to see where it is on a map, even if you are nowhere close to the AirTag. This is made possible through encrypted information shared from your AirTag, connecting to other people’s iPhones who may have passed by the item recently, helping you find the item via a network of strangers’ iPhones.

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