Apple iPad Marketing Innovation meets…clothing?

So I've been looking for a good way to carry my new iPad (once it arrives on March 16th that is) without wearing a backpack or carrying a bag.  I want to be able to ride a bike, walk to a park, hop on a bus, or even see a movie without the extra burden of being tied down to a bag…or worse yet advertising to everyone that I'm carrying an expensive toy.

So I Googled "iPad clothing" – and I discovered the Scottevest Transformer jacket.  While I haven't yet pulled the trigger on my Blaze Red XL purchase, it seems to me that this product is in need of some Kickstarter-type marketing love.  They are clearly Apple, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs fans (and even have a tongue-in-cheek "Keynote" presentation where their CEO tries his best to channel some Jobsian love) and it seems they are really trying to bring innovation to clothing.

I doubt the words innovation and clothing have rarely been used in the same sentence – but when was the last time you saw jacket sleeves attached by magnets? I know some people like Mark Cuban think Scottevest's patent for TEC or "Technology Enabled Clothing" is a joke – but it got me thinking that while more than 300 million iOS devices have been sold I doubt that the attach rate of devices to clothing is very high. But it seems to me inevitable that clothing and technology will one day fuse. 

I realize their CEO, Scott Jordan was recently on Shark Tank in an effort to get funding and/or free marketing (and some folks were really put off by his performance) but I think he's on to something. Pockets on our pants somehow predated the car keys, phones and wallets we have today and I'm pretty sure we're now all out of places to hold our tech comfortably. Perhaps some day we'll see a line of official Apple iClothing on sale in an Apple store.




3 thoughts on “Apple iPad Marketing Innovation meets…clothing?”

  1. I bought an eVest back in the year 2001 or thereabouts. I still wear it, although admittedly, I don’t really use it all that much for its intended technology integrated purpose. However, it does come in really handy when I go on trips in cool weather, such as the Macworld expos back in 2008 and 2009. In fact, at the 2008 Macworld, I was wearing my eVest while waiting in the long line to get in to the keynote. I noticed that some Apple security people were wearing my exact same eVest, complete with Apple logo! So it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to see further Apple tie-ins with eVest.

  2. Thanks Marcel for the tip! Didn't know the eVest predates the iPhone. Anyone remember Dockers Mobile Pants?  What happened to them?

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