Is Your Smart Home Really Smart? 5 Key Features to Look For

Futuristic Smarthome

Promising convenience, security, and efficiency, the smarthome has swiftly become a mainstay in modern living. But amidst the sea of gadgets and gizmos, how can you discern whether your smart home is truly living up to its “smart” label? After installing hundreds of connected devices in my home I determined that there are (at least) five key characteristics that separate truly intelligent homes from the merely automated ones. We highlight recent advances in AI that promise to keep a watchful eye on your property and your family even if (maybe especially if) you don’t know how to set an alert or ever arm your security panel.

1. Automated Temperature Controls

Imagine a home that anticipates your needs, adjusting the temperature to your preferences without you lifting a finger. Automated temperature controls not only deliver unparalleled comfort but also contribute to energy savings and reduced utility costs. By aligning with your schedule and preferences, smart thermostats ensure that you’re never too hot or too cold, all while being mindful of energy consumption. Besides, spring and fall weather is often unpredictable – as one day may be hot while the next can feel like winter. Truly smart homes make it easy to set your thermostat to automatically keep your house the perfect temperature.

AI Feature: HVAC Pro Analytics looks deeper into the workings of your heating and air conditioning system, automatically connecting you to an HVAC professional when the system detects a pending failure to provide quick resolutions to any trouble you may not even know you had!

2. Temporary User Codes

A hallmark of a genuinely smart home is its ability to adapt to the comings and goings of various individuals. Temporary user codes enable you to use your smart locks to grant access to visitors, service providers, or guests, all while maintaining the integrity of your home’s security. Whether it’s the dog walker, house sitter, or a friend stopping by with your mail while you are on vacation, temporary codes offer flexibility without compromising safety.

AI Feature: Panel Facial Recognition automatically monitors for unauthorized code sharing and sends alerts whenever a person using a disarm code is different from the person assigned to that code. These alerts include a disarm image taken at the panel, so you can see who accessed your properties and take immediate action as needed. 

3. Automated Outdoor Lighting

As the sun sets, smart homes should seamlessly transition into a safer posture via automated outdoor lighting. Some lights are user-programmable to illuminate specific areas at designated times, while other lights may serve as deterrents to potential intruders and also guide your way after dark. Truly smart homes automatically adjust for changing seasons and Daylight Savings Time so whether you arrive home at night or host an evening gathering, your outdoor lights will always enhance your security and ambiance.

AI Feature: Perimeter Guard™ sounds an alert and flashes a camera’s status LED when unwanted visitors are detected. In addition, it can automatically turn on connected lights when the camera notices activity, enhancing your security while scaring off unwanted visitors and animals.

4. Door or Window Left Open Reminders

Even the most vigilant among us can sometimes simply forget to properly close a door or window. Enter the door or window left open reminder, a feature that adds an extra layer of security and tranquility to your home. Whether it’s a gentle notification on your smartphone or an audible alert at your panel, these reminders ensure that potential vulnerabilities are promptly addressed, safeguarding your home against unwanted intrusions, too much pollen or even a lost pet. A truly smart home will pay attention to your comings and goings and alert you to unexpected door or window behaviors even if you don’t know how to set a reminder yourself.

AI Feature: Unexpected Activity Alerts take this to a whole new level. Instead of setting up a monitoring alert, the system automatically learns your pattern of behavior and pushes you a notification if it thinks something doesn’t look right, like a window opening up late at night.

5. Package Delivery Alerts

In an era dominated by online shopping, the ability to monitor package deliveries is non-negotiable. A truly smart home keeps you informed in real-time, sending alerts the moment a package arrives or (or leaves!) your doorstep. Say goodbye to missed deliveries and hello to peace of mind, knowing that your parcels are safe and secure.

AI Feature: Package Alerts let you know when a package is delivered to your home or business. Package Alerts will identify not only that the package was delivered, but also which visitor left the parcel on your doorstep; remind you if the box is not picked up; and alert you if it goes missing.

In Conclusion:

Before you bestow the “smart” title upon your home, take a moment to assess whether it embodies these five key features. A truly intelligent home isn’t just about automation; it’s about adaptability, efficiency, and above all, enhancing your quality of life. By prioritizing these characteristics, you can ensure that your home isn’t just keeping up with the times – it’s setting the standard for what it means to be truly smart. And if you ever decide to embrace the power of AI to make your life easier, apply that intelligence to make your smart home smarter. Now you can focus on more important endeavors knowing the things and people you love are safe and secure.

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