Wires that Think: From Calculators to AI

As a child, I dreamed of being an astronaut, inspired by space exploration and my early fascination with technology, ignited by my dad bringing home an HP-35 calculator from RCA. This journey led me to embrace AI as a transformative tool, amplifying our capabilities and opening new possibilities.

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The Answering Machine: A Paradigm Shifter in Communication

Unveil the transformative influence of the answering machine, a communication game-changer. Its rapid adoption marked a shift in societal norms, from personalized greetings to call screening, revolutionizing phone etiquette. As technology advances, we reflect on its impact and wonder which modern communication tools face obsolescence.

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Futuristic Smarthome

Is Your Smart Home Really Smart? 5 Key Features to Look For

How do you know if your smarthome is truly smart? See if yours stacks up to these five key features: automated temperature controls, temporary user codes, automated outdoor lighting, open door/window reminders, and package delivery alerts. Does your smarthome use AI to enhance security and convenience, ensuring better living?

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From Brawn to Brain: The Evolution of Technology and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence

The article traces the evolution of technology from augmenting physical capabilities during the Industrial Revolution to enhancing cognitive functions through computers and artificial intelligence. It emphasizes how this transition has fundamentally changed human interaction with technology, shaping various industries and pushing the boundaries of what is achievable, while also highlighting the importance of using AI to empower communities and create a brighter future.

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