Thoughts on the way to CES 2024

Update: January 15, 2024. Here is our Best of #CES video where you’ll find many new products to make your life safer, healthier, easier (and dare I say cooler!) Enjoy, comment and please share!

At the airport heading to Vegas to see the latest developments in technology. Got me thinking about all the tech we use to even get to the show. Do we really appreciate the hundreds of computers working on our behalf to help us get a plane ticket, download a digital boarding pass, buy a cup of coffee, scan into the flight and buy some food while on the plane?

That’s not to mention the tech it takes to fly a plane, connect to WiFi while at 35,000 feet in the air, and even watch a movie wirelessly. We tend not to blink an eye at all this tech but none of it existed when I was born. You?

Just taking the picture above is a technological marvel. I recall seeing the first digital image recorded by a camera onto a computer monitor at Princeton University and thinking it was magic. Now we take 4K and spatial video with a device that does hundreds of other things we also take for granted.

Look closely at this picture and you’ll see new tech like the ultraviolet air purifier, digital signage and wearables that are making the world safer, more convenient and healthier. That’s what we’re here for!

What wonders await us at this CES?

Keep watching this space on because I can’t wait to find out and share with everyone.

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