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Even if everyone is not paying close attention to the rapid growth of AI, Skytech is here for you! Google recently shocked the industry with release of Gemini which seems to be more capable than ChatGPT and even smarter than humans in understanding and reasoning across diverse subjects. This model, tested on 57 disciplines including math, physics, and law, achieved a score of 90% on the MMLU (massive multitask language understanding) benchmark, exceeding human performance. Wow!

We’ll cover Gemini shortly to sort out the real from the imaginary, yet in the meantime though you should know how simple Google has made it summarize any YouTube video. Since Google owns YouTube, Bard gets superpowers simply by @-mentioning YouTube here (it can also do similar with GMail, Google Maps, Google Flights and more)

All I did was go to and ask it: “@YouTube can you summarize the CES video posted by @skytechio” Here was its simple, formatted, and stunning, response:

Here is a summary of the CES video posted by Skytech Smarthome:

The video is about the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023, the largest technology conference in the world.

Here are the key trends and products that were featured in the video:


  • Water conservation and leak detection were major themes.
  • The Water Dragon was introduced as a device that can monitor water flow and detect leaks.
  • Other water-related products included showers, pulsating shower heads, pool cleaning robots, and gardens.


  • Large batteries that can be used in a power failure were a big trend.
  • These batteries can be charged using solar panels.
  • Wireless charging was also a major theme, with products like the Qi charger and the Alfred lock.
  • This new battery technology enabled a whole new fleet of robotic vacuums and lawnmowers.
  • It also enabled new types of pool cleaners and drones.
  • The Ring Car Cam and the Ring Drone were also powered by this new technology.

Digital Health:

  • There was a large pavilion dedicated to age tech, with products like the heart seat and baby tech.
  • There were also products for pets, including the Wags geofence fence.
  • Emerging technology to help people breathe better was also on display.
  • This included a radon detector, a blood pressure cuff you wear on your fingertip, and a life-saving defibrillator for the home.
  • There were also some products that were supposed to make you smarter, such as the neurologic massage chair.
  • Withings, a health tech company, had a whole display of smart scales and smart watches.
  • They also introduced their new product, the u-scan, which is the first home urine analysis lab.


  • Matter is an emerging home automation standard that allows products from different companies to work together better than ever before.
  • There were a lot of lights on display that could be controlled by voice using an Amazon, Google, or Apple device.
  • There were also links from different manufacturers in all different shapes and sizes.

Other Trends:

  • There were a lot of powered inline skates on display.
  • There was also a Ferro fluid speaker and an amazing array of products in the Eureka Pavilion.
  • Japan had a big presence at the show, with products like a monitor that had a built-in lens that gave you a 3D view of the world, a smartphone powered telescope, and a unique pressure cooker that took its recipe from a connected iPad device.
  • There were also plenty of food Tech products, many of which like this unique pressure cooker took its recipe from a connected iPad device and controlled the pressure cooker for you.
  • One of the neatest products was a personal tattoo printer.

Overall, CES 2023 was a great show with a lot of exciting new products and trends.

Wow! AI has certainly come a long way and is nearing an inflection point. Give it a try yourself – watch the following eight minute video and see if you can do a better job than Google summarizing it! Share your feelings below.

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