CES here we come

It’s an annual pilgrimage that was a shadow of itself in the aftermath of Covid – but ready to reclaim its crown as the largest conference on Earth.

As you can tell from a recent post, CES is unlike any event out there: not just its sheer size (about four football stadiums of people and a small city of floor space) but also the breadth and range of solutions on display. Add an amazing (and often unspoken) fact about the show: despite being called CES or the “Consumer Electronics Show” normal consumers are not allowed to attend! CES is about creating excitement and enthusiasm for other business leaders who can then embrace new technologies into future products and services.

That’s one of the reasons Skytech attends CES: to demystify and bring these new technologies to normal people (like us) while we separate the crazy ideas that amount to nothing from the ones crazy enough to change our lives.

So watch this space every day as we bring you the new CES 2023 innovations that will make your smarthome healthier, safer and more convenient.

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