Which technologies will be most useful in a post-pandemic world?

people wearing diy masks

The pandemic has taught us two very important things: we sometimes cannot be with the things and people that matter most; and we rely on technology to bridge the gap when we cannot be physically present.  The technologies that have already proven useful during the pandemic will continue to remain so even after COVID subsides. We saw how video conferencing applications kept remote workforces collaborating despite closed offices, and how social media apps provided nearly instantaneous awareness of how things and people were faring anywhere in the world.

Video cameras and applications purpose-built for security use cases will be the most useful technologies in a post-pandemic world for similar reasons.  Families will use security apps to ascertain the wellbeing of loved ones at a distance; check in on a pet left at home; control their locks, lights, shades, thermostats, and irrigation systems; and even greet visitors through doorbells that don’t require a push button.  Owners will watch over their properties via smart video cameras that alert only when predetermined conditions are met; get notified when cars and HVAC systems show signs of pending mechanical issues; and detect water leaks before major damage can occur.

In short, the post-pandemic world will come to rely more on security technologies that take the cognitive burden off humans, providing them with unprecedented peace-of-mind that the things that matter most are safe and well – or that timely intervention is needed by them only when appropriate.

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