Dealing with Change and 9 Million iPhones 5’s sold

Great story (and even better comments) today in Gizmodo via a post entitled "Why we hate change"

I have been dealing with change a lot this week in my day job and witnessing first hand how we humans deal with any lack of stability.  Apple, and other great marketers, have long realized that strong brands are like life preservers: in times of doubt, people reach for the thing they believe will provide them with a safe choice.  It is hard to gain a customer, but even harder to change a customer's mind – especially after they committed their own time and energy to a product – like an iPhone – that they use every day.

But there is another thing going on here.  People remember their lives before owning "life-changing" device like a computer or an iPod or an iPhone.  They become connected to the transformative power that brand provided them and a little bit more dependent on the next jolt of energy a new product can infuse in their lives. (not unlike a drug, eh?)  9 Million iPhone 5s (sold mainly to existing users) simply underscores our innate desire to believe that by buying "our most forward-thinking phone yet" there is yet another life-changing surprise in store for the owners.

BTW, there are two surprises in store.  Keep your eyes on that TouchID that will render passwords and credit cards obsolete in 3 years.  But don't forget to watch that M7 chip…soon everything you do, every place you've been, and every square inch of earth and sky you move through will be mapped for you wherever you go.  See the need for digital privacy and security growing exponentially?  I do.

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