Another Day Another Record for Apple Marketing Strategy

Can’t help but be overwhelmed by Apple’s continual record setting days. First Apple set a record for revenue and then hit an all time high for its stock price. Yesterday we learned that Apple now has more money than the US Government. Today came news that Apple is the worlds largest smartphone company.

Not that long ago Apple was struggling to remain relevant as a computer vendor. Today Apple is the largest music vendor, game company, tablet maker, smartphone provider, and the most valuable technology company in the world. And judging from the number of people in this typical Apple Store – they aren’t done yet.

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2 thoughts on “Another Day Another Record for Apple Marketing Strategy”

  1. What niche hasn’t the company entered? They’ve successfully joined in the race for software and hardware products. Half of their triumph in the market comes with visibility in all possible areas, and it would be exciting to learn where they’re headed next.

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