Great Apple Marketing Built the World’s Most Valuable Brand

After many years of trailing Google, today Apple finally became the world's most valuable brand.  This according to the BrandZ index which determines how brand value contributes to earnings, the value of intangible assets, and measures how customers percieve brands.  They also estimate the brand's potential for growth…and Apple is off the chart.

In a nutshell, if you are a marketer – take note and share this with the rest of your executive team: Apple's brand is worth about 1/3 its total market cap.  Carefully cultivating what the world thinks about your company can be just as important as how you run your business.

Take a page from Apple and help the world see why your brand is important: brands are life preservers.  When in doubt, customers struggling to figure out what to buy often simply go where the crowd goes.  It's one of my secrets of Apple marketing: people don't buy products, people buy what other people have.  Great brands help wield that transformational power.

7 thoughts on “Great Apple Marketing Built the World’s Most Valuable Brand”

  1. Great article and I couldn’t agree more.
    A lot of businesses I deal with need to be conviced about the value of brand-building. Even though, they themselves, will only buy certain “brands” of things.
    Nice to know I’m not the only one who has to deal with that too.

  2. Good post , it is so true, people buy what others do. If you build a brand name and maintain its integrity and remain foucused on delivering the same consistant brand characteristics you cannot loose and will always be growning your customer base.

  3. Small business and companies that are just starting up can take their cue from Apple. Find out what makes them tick. When you think about it, the satisfaction it gives customers is just one part of their appeal – there’s also the image they cultivate and protect as a company and as a brand. Image matters, because it’s the first thing clients see, so it’s best to invest well on it.

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