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We often get asked to recommend new products or provide advice on what to buy. It takes a lot of time to search through many products to decide the best item in a particular category. We find ourselves spending hours (sometimes days) researching what we or our friends should buy, so all of the products we recommend on these pages we use ourselves!

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Recommended Products

Technology for better life.

Part of our mission is to share our insights, expertise and discoveries with everyone to make the world a better place. We believe that the products we recommend will improve your life, as it has ours. 

If you believe you have a great product, please email to arrange a sample to be sent for our review.  We’ll only recommend your product if we believe it makes life better.

Recommended Product Stories:

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Revolutionizing Home Health and Fitness: The Benefits of the Apple Watch

The evolution of the Apple Watch from a trendy smartwatch to a pivotal health and fitness ally exemplifies the unpredictable trajectory of technological innovation. As health-tracking features gradually found their way into the watch, user anecdotes revealed its unexpected capacity to detect health anomalies, driving Apple to fortify its health capabilities and inadvertently inspiring a broader health tech movement

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