The Answering Machine: A Paradigm Shifter in Communication

Unveil the transformative influence of the answering machine, a communication game-changer. Its rapid adoption marked a shift in societal norms, from personalized greetings to call screening, revolutionizing phone etiquette. As technology advances, we reflect on its impact and wonder which modern communication tools face obsolescence.

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anonymous sportswoman checking smart watch and sitting on mat

What is Wellness Awareness?

Wellness Awareness is a new form of understanding provided via personal fitness and wellness devices which gives a person knowledge about what is happening inside

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What is the Blockchain?

The foundation of most cryptocurrencies, the blockchain is a digital ledger that is read from and written to via any qualified computer connected to it.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring, or RPM, is an enterprise healthcare solution to track and assess clinical data of a patient at a distance. Digital technologies are used

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