What is Wellness Awareness?

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Wellness Awareness is a new form of understanding provided via personal fitness and wellness devices which gives a person knowledge about what is happening inside their bodies. In the past, only doctors had access to the tools needed to determine what was going on inside a human body. Now even very healthy athletes can pay attention to what is occurring inside them and how this may translate to improved health, wellness and even performance. Wellness awareness has the potential to change everything and help us all lead better lives.

We’ve been through a transformation like this before. If you think back to the early days of computing, only a very few people had access to the machines required to operate a computer, and that equipment was locked away in large, air-conditioned rooms accessible only by privileged individuals.  If you wanted to compute something, you had to carefully describe what you needed and approach these special folks who ran the computer room and wait your turn.  Some time later your job would run (or crash) and these anointed experts would share the results with you via a large ream of dot matrix paper.

Privileged computer operators watch over jobs submitted by mere mortals

Over time, computers became democratized and now we all access hundreds of computing devices every day; embedded in our phones, cars, watches, remotes, ovens, vacuums, and televisions, to name only a few.  It is clear that access to personal computing devices has changed our lives for the better.   

A similar revolution is now beginning to play out with personal health devices accessible to everyone. What’s more, access to these devices has enabled anyone to take control of their own health and wellness (and even the well being of their remote loved ones), instead of abdicating that ownership only to doctors. This makes for a more engaged and responsible patient, which is something many doctors have long hoped for.

Incredibly, the personal computing and personal health segments are beginning to overlap largely due to the ubiquity of the smartphone.  Today, many of us carry around a better and more complete picture of our health in our pockets than our doctor likely maintains in their files. How many times have you had to fill out the same health backgrounder form at a new doctor’s office even though that information is likely already in an app on your smartphone?  

Stay tuned to Skytech.io as we pilot this new era of wellness awareness and track the new devices and services that promise to improve our lives.

Want to learn more about Wellness Awareness?  Watch this short keynote video recorded at HIMSS 23, the world’s largest healthtech conference:

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