iOS 16.1 arrives with support for Matter on iPhone

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Apple has another iPhone update coming on Monday. One of the most important developments which most users won’t notice at first, is support for the new smart home standard called Matter.

Matter is trying to solve a problem as old as the smart home, which is how to make devices and applications from different manufacturers work together seamlessly in your home. In the past, let’s say you had products from Google, then you could only manage those products from a Google app. Same is true for Amazon, or Apple. Professional home automation and security companies, like, have built applications that can integrate with multiple devices from various vendors, but they typically require a professional to set that up and make it all work. Matter promises to bring that capability to the average human being, but it still remains to be seen if that is even possible.

Now that Matter support is built-in to iOS 16.1, the clock has started. We will be able to see if the promise of all these different devices working together as one can be fulfilled or if Matter really doesn’t matter after all.

Read in CNBC:

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