Oculus Quest 2

a man playing virtual reality game

The Oculus Quest is one of the best self-contained virtual reality headsets on the market. Put this comfortable headset on your face and its built-in high definition video screens and stereo speakers will whisk you off to virtual worlds. You can play exciting games like Beat Saber, work up a sweat doing virtual exercises, or simply pretend that you’re fishing somewhere off a beautiful beach. While virtual reality has been around for over 20 years, the Oculus Quest may be the first device that gives you the freedom to experience it anywhere, and share that excitement with others. 

In the past virtual reality rigs required very powerful PCs and cables, as well as other sensors in a room, to detect where you are and what you’re seeing. Oculus changed all that, giving you the freedom (via four built-in cameras that recognize what’s in the room with you) of being completely untethered while immersed in VR. This represents the first time virtual reality can be shared anywhere. Since it’s portable and fairly inexpensive, compared to a dedicated personal computer, other people can experience virtual reality simply by trying on your headset, even outdoors! I know through personal experience how exciting this can feel to a newbie the first time they try it. During the dark days of COVID, my wife enjoyed simply walking around the virtual home spaces to feel like she escaped her real home and “went somewhere new”. You can see this yourself when someone takes off their headset and they almost look disappointed to be back in actual reality.

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