Combining my passion for communication and convenience with Apple Watch and WebEx

At my day job, I help Cisco focus on the future – to arrive at a place where technology makes communication simple and seamless.  Part of that future is already here as many of our customers now have their own personal office in the cloud, courtesy of WebEx Personal Rooms. Rather than worry about scheduling a meeting, all they need to do is go to their permanent meeting URL and the meeting just starts. Mine is

Today we announced WebEx support for Apple Watch, and boy is this going to change things. Now when I’m running late for a meeting, I simply tap my wrist, which automatically launches my WebEx Personal Room. This action instantly opens the door for all of my guests and calls me back. It’s really that simple and shows the power of WebEx and the Apple Watch – the first conferencing solution that lets you start and host a meeting from your wrist.  Simply amazing.

It's not often that many of our passions combine together at a single time or place.  My interests in Apple, my job, futuristic collaboration, delightful user experiences, and leadership all combined when I challenged my team not even 7 weeks ago to build Cisco's first Apple Watch app…and here it is on the same day the first Apple Watch is available. Simply amazing.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 10.24.37 AM

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