The True Power of Great Marketing

"Apple has been able to generate over $75 million in revenue in one day on a product that 99.9% of purchasers haven't touched or for that matter, even seen in person," said Victor Castroll, an analyst with Valcent Financial Group. "And, we're still three weeks away. That is amazing."

And that, my friends is the true power of great Apple marketing.  Making you reach for your wallet in spite of your brain.

Victor, that number rounds up to 100% – essentially everyone who ordered an iPad has never used, touched or even seen a real one.  

P.S. I bought 3! (and still giving them away for free here.)

8 thoughts on “The True Power of Great Marketing”

  1. You are so right! It is amazing to me that everyone who has purchased an iPad has never seen it, touched it or used it. Only brilliant marketing can accomplish such a task. I cant imagine ever buying something that I have never seen or used before! Thanks for the post it has really opened my eyes to the effectiveness of great marketing techniques.

  2. Thanks Michelle, just watch how many people are waiting in line on April 2nd eagerly anticipating their iPad. Then watch how many “unboxing” videos show up on YouTube. All enticing the next ring of users to buy. Are you purchasing an iPad?

  3. They got me…I got the letter today. They didn’t outright cancel my order, but I needed to call them. I’m on hold with them right now (by the way, they have this funny automated agent who sounds like he’s actually typing on a Mac keyboard while processing your request – gotta hear this thing!)
    My guess is they just realized how tight their supply will be and they are trying to satisfy as many pre-orders as possible before they have to tell some folks that they won’t be able to fill all orders. I noticed something today in an Apple store near my home – they order form says you can pre-order but Apple will tell you when to come into the store to pick up your iPad. This is new…previously your pre-order was said to be ready between 11-3pm on the first day. iPads will be in limited supply up to and beyond the availability of the 3G models.

  4. This sound that Marketing does not only work of persuading someone to buy goods.Apple have been created a wonder of Marketing World.Thanks.

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