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I've gotten many emails and phone calls about Apple's iPad marketing over the last few weeks all asking about Apple's marketing prowess. One of the tenets of great marketing is what I call "passion over logic." In other words, when your passion dictates you have to have something you reach for your wallet in spite of your better judgment.

Great marketing can help sell you something you really don't need. We've all been victims of great marketing.

Apple somehow takes it to another level. How many companies have customers lining up to buy something they have never held, seen or used before? Apple seemingly hosts a press event, updates their website, posts a few television commercials and waits for the cash register to ring.

Is there something "magical and revolutionary" about their marketing? I think I have an answer, but first a question.
Based on everything you know about the iPad, do you intend to purchase one?

Please take this one question survey and we'll all know what others are thinking. Feel free to craft your own answer if Yes and No isn't enough for you 😉

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