The Magic of Apple Marketing

"Real Artists Ship."

This is a quote attributed to Steve Jobs when the first Macintosh was being developed.  His engineers were struggling with every nuance of the new machine and wanted to slip the launch until they got it just right. Steve compelled them to do better.

Today, Apple has come full circle – they ship a finished product then go back to improve it over and over again.  Look at the iPod – it was great in 1999 and it is even better now.  Other vendors promise something but never seems to ship it, or it comes so much later that the enthusiasm wanes.

But Apple ships.  You'll see it with the Tapplet and I was going to write a similar post, but Joel from Gizmodo says it all:  "Consumer audiences have grown wary of nearly a century of predictable
sleight-of-hand. We've seen too many companies promise us the future,
then fail to deliver it.

Read the rest of the article.

Meet the real magic of Apple marketing:  Ship delight.  Repeat.

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  1. Hi Steve, I learned about this blog and your special e-book in a David Meerman Scott’s e-book based on how well these e-books turn out to be if you have designed them perfectly.
    Your thoughts on Apple are simply majestic and I love them all as I am a Steve Jobs and an Apple fan.

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