Thank you Steve for Openness

Today Steve tried to stop making his health become news and made news. Not so much that he shared what he now knows about his alarming weight loss but rather he issued a public letter about his personal condition.

This is blogging 101: sharing your personal thoughts and feelings about something you feel will be interesting to others.

Steve, congrats on the fact that your health should soon be a non-issue and kudos for opening up. Now witness what this type of regular communication can do (in the form of the free publicity you derived today) for Apple and its future leaders.

And now, some Apple levity, thanks to the fine folks at the Onion:

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

7 thoughts on “Thank you Steve for Openness”

  1. Sure. It’s commendable.
    But do you really believe that Steve and Apple are being 100% truthful?
    I believe that they are telling us what they believe will pacify us for the time being.

  2. Yes, I do think they are being truthful and here’s why: Not only has Apple’s CEO issued a personal letter with a real reason for his illness, but the same day Apple’s BOD issued its own statement.
    So imagine if they are lying. All would be held accountable and huge class-action law suits would ensue due to what would be considered gross and misleading information.
    My logic says Steve and the BOD are too smart to do something that stupid. Ergo, Steve is telling the truth.

  3. Phil: “3.4 million customers visit our stores every week. That’s 100 Macworlds every week!
    OK, see why they don’t need Macworld anymore 😉

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