Keep it simple, stupid

So while everyone can remember the phrase “KISS” :keep it simple stupid (or keep it sweet and simple if you have kids) it seems that no one can really do such a thing but Apple. You see, creating software and hardware is a really hard thing. You focus on getting the features in and getting the bugs out. And you are so close to the product while you build it that it’s easy to lose sight of the goal. Keep it simple. This CW article really hits the nail. One of the tenets of my eBook is clear here: get early adopters to help you, but build easy-to-use pragmatic products for the late majority mass-market. In a nutsell, build it for your mom.

4 thoughts on “Keep it simple, stupid”

  1. Hi there. I just posted an article (Make it easy, the Apple way) two days ago about this topic. It’s nice to come here and read something similar!
    I’m new at blogging and I’m using iweb and dot mac to do it. Blogging would be impossible without iweb. Why? because it’s simple. Sometimes I find it a bit tooo simple, but it just works. I find iWeb “%100 DRAG N’ DROP” and thats awesome.

  2. Gonzalo,
    Thanks for the comment – I just checked out your site and “Dugg” it. So you did it all using iWeb? My eBook was done entirely in Pages. iWeb is a really good WYSIWYG HTML editor – I even used it to create a page on my corporate site (Go to and click on the “What is Tubes” button on the bottom left.) I know what you mean by being a bit too simple, you soon outgrow it – but it did its job – it got a new person interested and blogging. Welcome to the blogosphere, assist to Apple.
    (For full disclosure, since I’m using Tubes on my Mac running VMWare’s Fusion – I can now update my live website anytime I make a change in iWeb. I just take the folder iWeb creates and move it to my tube which syncs the changes to the web instantly. Now I don’t need a $99 .Mac account since Tubes is free and so is iWeb)

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