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Hi there!

My name is Steve Chazin.  I have been designing, building, and selling innovative technology for nearly 30 years, many of which has already changed the world. I reimagined collaboration in the cloud at Cisco, Salesforce, and Symantec, launched four successful startups, and created new solutions for video editing, file sharing, and web services long before each became commonplace.

Now, as Vice President of Products for Alarm.com, I’m helping define next-generation technologies to protect families at home and beyond. By combining my extensive tech experience with keen insights of emerging trends, I now have a strong history  predicting the future, and I’m using this site to share what I know.

I have been a recurring guest on major network news programs, appeared in the BBC television series “Business Nightmares” and took part in the CNBC documentary “Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippie”. I’ve has written and published three books, am quoted by numerous online and printed publications, and am a highly sought-after speaker on topics like connected health, consumer tech and augmented reality.

Notably, I was rehired by Steve Jobs to help reboot Apple in the late 1990s and was part of the team that returned Apple to profitability.  Many of the older blog posts on this site tell my Apple story.

Speaking Opportunities

I have presented over 50 keynotes, seminars and workshops at tradeshows, conferences and events in more than 20 countries and is a frequent television, radio, and print resource.

I like to think that I deliver an engaging and warm on-stage presentation, where I can adeptly range from traditional lectures to motivational speeches and audience participation – easily adapting to your needs.   While I built a unique practice around applying Apple’s marketing prowess, I have also become a frequent television, radio, and print celebrity and been seen and heard on ABC News, Fox News, ClearChannel Radio, quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, New York Times, LA Times, BusinessWeek, MacWorld, Marketing, and referenced in popular marketing and education textbooks.

Example Speaking Topics

Secrets of Apple’s Success

How Better Marketing Saved Apple, and what it can do for you. Apple set the standard for coupling great design with great marketing to grow from a bit player in the backwoods of a sleepy PC industry to the global leader in tech.  I share my insider’s view of how Apple pulled off this remarkable turnaround and how any business can use these Apple marketing secrets to improve their position and impress the world. 

Reaching the iGeneration

You can reach an audience too savvy to click a banner ad.

Social Media Marketing

More than ever, people buy what other people have and have stopped believing the marketers and simply ask their friends.  Steve shares the most important social media secrets guaranteed to help your customers help you generate lift, sales and success.

Just One More Thing

Why going one step further is the key to success in business and life.

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