What is Vestaboard?

Thank you Vestaboard for posting an article in December 2022 about how our family uses our Vestaboard every day!

Vestaboard is a brand new, digital display device that is unique and extremely cool. Reminiscent of those signs in train and bus terminals where each digit flips over magically to reveal which track or platform your ride is on, Vestaboard is designed for a home or business to display information in this similar mechanical, analog style. Think of Vestaboard as an Internet-connected mechanical screen capable of displaying information directly from an app on your mobile phone or via connected Internet services. You can send a message directly to Vestaboard to let a loved one know you are bringing home dinner, or automate information to Vestaboard on a regular schedule or when something changes.

Some of the coolest use cases for this product are sending automatic sports score updates, stock prices, weather and traffic information, calendars and even cryptocurrency price fluctuations. Vestaboard even has integration via IFTTT and can display the current Spotify song automatically.

Vestaboard isn’t cheap as it houses hundreds of moving parts, yet for a limited time they are offering $200 off the purchase price if you use this code. Definitely something that adds value to your home and stands out for attention.

This just in, from my son who is an authorized user of the Vestaboard app:

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